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Invest in Wheelbarrow Farm - Community Bonds

Are you looking for somewhere to make an ethical investment that is good for the environment and the local community? 

Consider buying a community bond from Wheelbarrow Farm. We offer a 4% rate of return (compounded annually) on investments of up to 5 years.

Why Invest in Wheelbarrow Farm? 

If you have a bit of extra money sitting in a savings account, this is a way for you to see a greater return on your savings while not compromising the type of project that your investment supports. For Wheelbarrow Farm, it gives us the necessary capital to bring great projects to fruition.

Test Case

In 2017, we decided to purchase a first-of-its-kind Solar Electric Tractor to help us grow vegetables without any in-field CO2 exhaust. We put the word out to customers, friends and family and were able to raise the necessary funds to bring the tractor home. The wonderful thing about this type of investment is that the money gets put to work doing great things along the way. Investors watch their money grow, Wheelbarrow Farm is able to reduce CO2 while increasing vegetable production and Solectrac is able continue their work building electric tractors. But it doesn’t stop there. Solectrac uses the money to buy components from their suppliers. This investment in components helps bring down their cost of production over time and makes new, green technologies more affordable. So the next farm looking to switch from diesel to electric will be able to do so at a slightly more affordable cost. This is the virtuous cycle of community investing.

Rate of Return

We offer a 4% rate of return, compounded annually. What does this mean?

For a $1,000 dollar investment

1 year investment = $1040 return (4%)

2 year investment = $1081 return (8.1%)

3 year investment = $1124 return (12.4%)

4 year investment = $1169 return (16.9%)

5 year investment = $1216 return (21.6%)

Investing in New Projects - Renewable Energy

Currently we are seeking investments to purchase a solar array. These photovoltaic panels will help charge the electric tractor when needed, but they will also be tied into the grid to provide electricity to the farmhouse. You see a decent and guaranteed return on investment and the farm can become a little more self-sufficient while increasing the amount of renewable energy in the world.

If you are interested in becoming a community bond holder, please contact us.