Farming Practices


We are committed to growing high quality vegetables while restoring farmland and building community at the same time. 

To us, this means:

No Spray

No Synthetic Fertilizers


No Black Plastic Mulch

Renewable Energy

Teamwork and Community


Plant Trees

Reduce Waste

If you would like to learn more about our farming practices, please talk to us at market or sign up for a public farm tour.


Tools and Techniques

Solar Electric Tractor

In 2018, we invested in a first-of-its-kind in Canada solar-powered electric tractor. It’s near silent, there is no in-field CO2 release, and we charge it with our solar array. 

Cover Cropping

Almost every time a vegetable planting is a harvested, we follow it with a cover crop. They help capture CO2, the hold the soil in place and when we turn them in, they fertilize the next crop. 

Paperpot Transplanter

I love the beauty and simplicity of the paperpot transplanter. With a honeycomb paper design, the seedling flat is eventually pulled apart and planted all in one motion. It’s extremely effective at planting seedlings and all done with human power.

Row seeders

 Small and simple, these tools allow you to plant any seed you can think of just by walking them back and forth. 

Weeding Tools

Because we don’t spray herbicide or lay black plastic mulch, we weed our crops manually. We use stir-up hoes, wheel hoes, basket weeders and finger weeders. The latest project we are working on is building an electric two wheel walk-behind tractor for in-row finger weeding.