Wheelbarrow Farm provides full-time employment to four people. Currently, all of our positions are full. Many former apprentices have returned work on the farm as employees. 


Apprenticeships are a great way to explore your farm dream and learn some useful skills. If you are thinking about getting into farming or just having a really large garden, this is your place to start. 

Apprentices live at the farm during the growing season, working and learning alongside the staff and volunteers. In exchange for your efforts in the field (5 days/week) we teach you everything that we know, we feed and house you, we provide 6 full days of field-trip workshops on other farms and we also do many on-farm workshops. We also provide a $500/month stipend. 

Apprenticeship positions are available from May until September/October. 

Accommodations are private cabins or a private room in the main house.

Wheelbarrow Farm is a part of the CRAFT program - a network of educational organic farms.

Here are some of the areas you will gain knowledge in:

Greenhouse management

Tractors and implements

Soil science

Small-scale market gardening tools

Cover cropping

How to plant, care for and harvest 40 different vegetables

Planting trees and propagating perennials

Saving Seed

Farmers markets

Farm finances

Electric motors and alternative energy

To apply for an apprenticeship, please send a resume and cover letter to wheelbarrowfarm@gmail.com


We offer volunteer opportunities through the WWOOF Canada program. We also offer volunteer opportunities without participating in the WWOOF program. 

Volunteering at Wheelbarrow Farm involves commiting to a 2-4 week stay at the farm. During your stay, you will live and work alongside the farmers, managers and apprentices. We offer a private room or cabin, food is provided and a small travel bursary is provided to cover your transportation costs to and from Toronto. You are expected to work 6 hours/day, 5 days a week.

Join our lively crew of young farmers excited about creating a sustainable and restorative agriculture.

Former staff and apprentices

Connor  - Jardin Farms in Slt St Marie

Jenny - Knuckle Down Farm in Stirling

Carson - The Plant Farm in Slt St Marie

Tracy - The Haute Goat farm

Alex - YCMA community farm manager

Kate - K Rogers Sustainable Vegetables

Jason and Tarsila - Way to Grow Gardens in Lemonville