Market Buyers Club

Join the club and SAVE 10%

The Market Buyers Club is a pre-paid option for our frequent farmers' market customers or those looking for a CSA alternative.

Similar to our CSA program, you receive freshly harvested, organically grown vegetables from our farm at a discounted price. You also receive invitations to special events at the farm, as well as our end of season party.

We offer two options:

Pay $400 and receive $440 loaded to your card


Pay $200 and receive $220 loaded to your card

We provide you with a reusable plastic card to track your credit balance so all you have to do is pick up and go! No more worrying about having enough cash on hand.

Visit us at ANY of the farmers' markets we serve across the city (or at our farm store), then pick ANY quantity and variety of vegetables. Or you'd like, we can put together a mixed seasonal basket for your quick pick-up.  We then swipe your card and let you know what your remaining balance is. 


Can I reload my card once the balance is low?

Yes! The cards are meant to be reused and can be reloaded at any of our farmers' markets using either cash or credit card.  You don't have to wait until your balance is $0, you can reload at any time.

What if I don't use up the balance by end of season?

Your balance will carry over to next season, there is no expiry date.

What if I lose my card?

Please don't lose your card! But we understand that these things happen. When you receive your card please write down the card # somewhere safe. If the card is lost, contact us with your name and card #. We can electronically clear the balance from that card and then reload a new card for you with the old balance., for a $10 replacement fee.

I would love to buy this as a gift, is that possible?

Wow, what a great person you are! We can set up the card the same way we normally do, but you'll need to provide us with the name and email of the gift recipient. We will associate that card with their name.

How To Sign Up

At any of the farmers' markets we serve, we can sign you up on the spot. You will receive your card immediately and it will be activated and ready to use. 

We can check the balance of your card at any time.

Want to buy now? Click below for a link to our online store. You can pick up your card next time you visit the market.